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            Sell My Car @ WF AutoMall

Looking to sell your car fast? Sell your car online for free with thousands of car shoppers in your area looking for used cars for sale by owner. Already Have an Ad?

                     Car Sale by Owner

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Selling a used car is quick and easy with us. Private sellers can sell car for free and make more money. We show your car ad for 30 Days. WFAutoMall is one of the most popular auto classified site on the Internet and Wichita Falls: Biggest database of trucks, cars, vans, suvs for sale by owner. All types of cars: hybrid used cars, diesel cars and gas cars sold by owner.

        How to Improve Your Used Vehicle Ad

So, you want to sell your car? You know you need to concoct an ad to display all the vital information about your vehicle. But what you might not know is how to make your ad stand out from the rest. Here are some tips for improving your used car ad and giving you a leg up on other listings. 

When putting together your ad, think about what you'd like to see if you were shopping for a car. The top item that probably comes to mind is a photo. When browsing for cars, no one is going to click on the ad that doesn't offer photos of the vehicle. Borrow a camera if you have to. Get the car from all angles, including the front, rear, sides, engine, interior, and tires. You may even want to snap a shot of the dashboard to show everything's in good working order. 

When it comes to the text part of the ad, don't shy away from your vehicle's imperfections. By excluding a broken taillight, dent, oil leak, or some other problem from the description, you'll just annoy the potential byer. After all, everything will be revealed once he or she sees the vehicle in person, so it's best that you're upfront about everything. It's likely the buyer will appreciate your honesty.

Along with being honest, it's vital that you include all the details you can. Don't leave the buyer wondering anything about your car. Tell them everything upfront. Lead with the most important information first, like the make, model, year, and mileage. Is it a manual or automatic? Does it have airbags? Does the air conditioner and heater work? Does it have CD player? Spell out all the details. If you can, it's best to list out this information so that it's easy to read and comprehend. Burying details in long paragraphs won't buy you any points with potential buyers. Highlight the most important aspects in bold fonts or a different color. You want to draw the prospective buyer's eye to it, not confuse them. 

Finally, do your research before setting a price. Even if your car ad is stellar, it could still really turn people off if the price is much too high. The typical go-to resource for car pricing is Kelley Blue Book. This will give you an idea of the value of your car. With that information, you can go about setting a price that's reasonable for the age and condition of your vehicle. 

Just by making these adjustments to your ad, you're likely to get many more interested prospects. It’s all about including the right information in the right way.


                                                 Contact Jimmy Tucker 940-782-2126

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